TallTines Tundra

The Tundra is a mild R/D limb longbow that holds the traditional D-shape look when strung.  The bamboo core limb is not only quick, but deadly quiet.  The Tundra model is available in 62" and 64" lengths. 

TallTines Takedown Longbows

Wenge with Bocote Flare and Bocote Limbs

TallTines Stickflinger

The Stickflinger is a highly reflexed longbow that delivers both speed and accuracy while maintaining the same quietness of the Tundra model.  The Stickflinger is available in 60", 62", and 64" lengths. 

Wenge with Myrtle limbs

TallTines Stickflinger Limb (L)  Tundra Limb (R)

Standard Longbow Riser with Brown Glass Limbs

Bocote Riser with Myrtle Limbs

Longbow brace height should be set at 7" when setting up your bow.  This can be adjusted +/- 1/8" based on tuning results.