The TallTines recurve riser was desiged to provide a solid, stable, and repeatable grip for consistency and accuracy.  With the riser cut 1/8" past center, it allows for a wide range of arrow spine to be used and ease of tuning.  Each riser is custom built to the customers order utilizing the finest in materials and attention to the smallest detail.  Risers are available in both 16" and 18" lengths which are compatible with all 3 limb lengths.  The TallTines Recurve is available in lengths of 58", 60", 62", and 64".

The TallTines TD recurve limb is the perfect combination of speed and smoothness.  The TT's limb is built with a bamboo or actionwood core and each limb is FF compatible.  All veneer boards are hand selected and cut/ground in house to reveal the maximum beauty within each board.

 TallTines Takedown Recurve

Recurve brace height should be set at     7 1/2" when setting up your bow.  This can be adjusted anywhere from 7 3/8" to 7 5/8" based on your tuning results.