Nebel Grip (L) and Standard Grip (R)

Checkering Options:

I stock many different exotic hardwoods at all times. Cocobolo, Bocote, Myrtle, Pau Ferro, Wenge, Yew, Ziricote, Shedua, Macassar, Black and White Ebony, Osage, and Chechen are some of the woods on hand. If there is something else you would like to use feel free to ask and we can discuss what options will work best for your bow.

Bows are warrantied for full replacement for 1 year from the date of purchase to the original owner. A two-year pro-rated warranty on workmanship to the original owner.

Recurve brace height should be set at 7 1/2" when setting up your bow. This can be adjusted anywhere from 7 3/8" to 7 5/8" based on your tuning results. Longbow brace height should be 7-8 1/4"

Thank you for your business.

The Standard TallTines Recurve and Longbow riser is made with Dymond wood or Dymulux with phenolic and wood accents.
Standard limbs have bamboo cores with black, or brown glass. Green, gray, and caramel are also available in limited supply.

A deposit of $200 is requested for your order upfront, full payment is not due until the bow is complete. Feel free to contact me at 918-724-6256 with any questions.

Standard TallTines T.D. Longbow -$990
Standard TallTines T.D. Recurve -$1050
Additional Longbow/Recurve limbs -$580

Customization Options:
-Flared Riser- $25
-Grip Checkering- $150
-Antler Limb Bolts- $65
-Antler Limb Tips- $55
‚Äč-Drill and tap riser for rest, inserts, and quiver- $50
-Exotic Riser- $100 (most natural woods with exception case by case)
-Specific woods: Macassar, B/W Ebony, Cocobolo, and Ziricote- $155
-Phenolic Riser- $120
-Wood Veneer w/ clear glass- $175
-Camo Limbs- $140
-G-10: Call for pricing